Saturday, July 11, 2009


Well, I'm back for a brief note. Gone physically, mentally and every way there is. I turned 51 this year and only have two kids at home, 17 and 11. I thought that my life would be a breeze at this point. But I physically can't do what I used to do and my ADD has kicked in big time.

Anyway, here is my picture for the theme of this writing. These darling little girls are my granddaughters. They got into my closet and found old dresses that were all made by their great grandmother and put them on and started dancing around and playing princesses. I didn't know that three and four year olds knew how to primp and fuss and walk "that" way. They were soooo funny. I have to jump on my soapbox here and say that I hate the glitter and cheap sequins and polyester that comes with those nasty pink costumes at the store. They are cheap, artificial and look bad (in my opinion). Sorry for those of you that like them, but something in me just shudders when I see them. My little granddaughters loved these old cotton dresses, and I bet they were a whole lot more comfortable, and FREE. The three girls names are Brynn, Maggie and Ivy.